Lead rolled - a group of products made of lead and lead alloys of various shapes and configurations.

Includes lead sheet, wire, pipes, special fittings (windows, shutters, doors).

Lead rolled products are easily oxidized, forming a protective film.

Lead rolled products are produced by casting, rolling, stamping. Lead has a high ductility, it lends itself well to deformation and machining.

It lends itself well to melting. Alloying gives lead a versatile performance.

Nickel additives add wear resistance to products, arsenic increases heat resistance, sodium and magnesium increase mechanical strength.

Rolled lead products are used in industry at enterprises of the chemical industry, medicine, radio engineering, and electrical engineering. Lead sheets are used to sheath fluoroscopy rooms, lead pipes are used in the manufacture of musical wind instruments, lead wire is used to make fishing tackle. Also, lead shot is used in the production of bullets, sinkers.